"Touching Hearts and Changing Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

CHAPEL SERVICES                                                                                                

Chapel services are held inside the prisons & jails with praise & worship music, testimonies from volunteers or from prisoners, preaching of the Word, altar call, & corporate & individual prayer. As permitted, some services are held weekly & others monthly. The prayer teams consist of two & up to six people. On special occasions, we are permitted to take as many as 15-20 people to the prisons, depending on the institution & its rules. These services bring forth much fruit, not only first time salvation & re-dedication, but also, growth & stability in the inmate's relationship with God. We average 150-200 inmates per month in salvation & re-dedication! Praise God! Most of these are either in the jails or in (what is called) the "Fish Tank".


Bible studies are held in both the prisons & the jails. Some are general information Bible studies & some are on-going Bible studies - a study on the entire book of Revelation.

Classes are offered on "Anger Control" based on Scripture. We also offer a special Bible study class for the women prisoners -The "Preparing for Life". This Bible study is a ten week course that teach women on good grooming, how to dress, how to fill out forms, how to write resumes, & how to prepare for a job interview. The Bible study courses are administered by the Prison & Jail Ministry volunteers who have been cleared by the system & our ministry.

Since Bibles are not available to inmates, we extend our resources & give a bible to each inmate as they attend Bible study classes or Chapel services.


Prayer meetings are held in the prisons. Inmates share specific needs & make requests for prayer for themselves or their families. The Holy Spirit really move on these occasions. It is very touching to see inmates with tears streaming down their faces & holding their hands up to the Lord in prayer.

Prayer request forms are given at each service or Bible study. Turned in forms are prayed over for 30 days by prayer intercessors at our Tuesday morning intercessory prayer meetings. The prisoners seem to really appreciate knowing that someone is lifting their needs to the Lord.


When available, Bibles are given to each inmate as desired. We supply them with a new NKJV complete with study notes. A person can't grow in the Lord without reading His Word. Amen? The Bibles are kept by the inmates & are taken with them wherever they go (whether they return back into society or whether they transfer to another facility). If you would like to be a partner in this soul winning work for the Lord, please click the donate button on this website.


The One on One Ministry is a volunteer adoption ministry. A volunteer "adopts" an inmate & becomes a special friend to him. The volunteer goes to the institution at a specified time to see the inmate, to talk with that inmate, & to pray with that inmate. This has been very effective in the spiritual growth of the prisoners. Those inmates who receive this extra touch usually do not have a family or do not get visitation from their families very often, for various reasons. Some inmates may not get visitation for years.


Cellblock, or Solitary is termed "Lockup". Inmates are locked in for different reasons. Volunteers with special clearances are allowed access to these cells. Prayer request forms are given to the prisoners to be filled out & returned. The Volunteer pray for those prisoners who are receptive to prayer, & in so doing, many of them are lead to the Lord. In fact, we have never gone back to any of the units in the cellblock without leading at least one person to the Lord!


Concerts are scheduled during the year & at Christmas time. Concerts are one of the most popular programs we offer & are held either in the chapel or in the gym lasting from 1-2 hours. Depending on the individual prison, concerts are sometimes held in conjunction with a revival. Inmates respond well to the music, as well as the invitation given at the end. Revivals last from 1-3 days. Afternoon services, as well as, evening services are held. Revivals are very successful with the large crowd & the invitation. The average number of people allowed to go to the prisons from the ministry is 15, singers & musicians included.


We now have sixteen free correspondence courses!

—Course 1 - 90 Days of Change - Discipleship Training

—Course 2 - Betrayal to Forgiveness - Insights from the Life of Joseph

—Course 3 - Get in Line With God's Word

—Course 4 - God Chose David, The People Chose Saul

---Course 5 - Hearing His Voice

---Course 6 – Kingdom Living

—Course 7 - Lessons from the Lives of Biblical Characters - Book 1

—Course 8 - Lessons from the Lives of Biblical Characters - Book 2

---Course 9 - In the POTTER’S Hands

—Course 10 - Praying Effectively for The Lost

—Course 11 - Praying in Faith - How to Receive from God

---Course 12 - Running the Race

—Course 13 - Seven Steps to Answered Prayer

—Course 14 - Total Victory - Ephesians & the Armor of God

---Course 15 - The Keeper of the VINEYARD

---Course 16 - Who is the HOLY SPIRIT?



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Audio visuals are given to various prisons to be placed in the chapel library & are available for checkout to the inmates. We obtain these audio visuals from the Sunday church services, from special guest speakers & from popular ministries who have visited the church such as, Jesse Duplantis & Kenneth Copeland. Music of Carmen & other great Christian music artists are also given to our ministry to be donated to the prisons as well.


The Christmas Stocking Project has been an annual event since Christmas of 1983. It is an annual event where we come together to make, fill, & deliver Christmas stockings to the children of inmates at prisons & jails here in Kentucky & Southern Indiana. This year, our goal is 10,000 stockings. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. All donations are totally tax deductible. (Checks should be made payable to "The Christmas Stocking Project") or click here to give online.


Help is provided to families of an inmate, who are in need. We provide clothes, food, prayer, & encouragement. Each case is handled individually & is thoroughly checked for legitimacy.

Toys, clothes, food, & etc are distributed at Christmas time to families in need. We give special attention to those families with an ongoing need for food & we refer them to The Lord's Kitchen. When distributing toys to a family, our concerns are whether that family is being provided for by another ministry. Since there are so many real needs, but not an endless supply of money, we give only to those families that have not been helped. We go by the Lord's leading as much as possible.


When available, funds are provided to chaplains, as needed. If we can help, we will pay for shipping charges on Christmas cards, as well as, on all occasion cards. These cards are given to the inmates by the chaplain at Christmas time & on special occasions.


Pam Wilhite, our Intercessor Coordinator, handles all prayer requests that come in to our ministry from inmates & their families. She has 65 dedicated intercessors on her team. Requests of inmates from various prisons & jails in the nation & some parts of the world are distributed to our intercessors. Prayer requests are prayed over every day for a period of 30 days. We also have prayer meetings each Tuesday morning in our office at the 6900 Billtown Road campus around 12 noon. Prayer requests are prayed over in these meetings. This prayer meeting is open to anyone who is interested in becoming a part of our prayer group. Come join us in prayer. However, there is no distance in prayer. Anyone can join the intercessor team if you feel called to pray. Please contact this office at (502) 964-3304 ext. 1227 to inquire about how you can become a vital part of this prayer ministry. Join the Prayer Line Ministry, (Apply Here) get a partner, begin to pray & see the hand of God move in your life & your family.


Our volunteers are available to speak on the details of this ministry to other churches, to other groups & to those who are interested in being a part of this ministry.  If you are interested in having one of our volunteers speak, please contact us (502) 964-3304 ext 1229.


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