"Touching Hearts and Changing Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"



This past Christmas, Evangel Prison Ministries was able to touch the lives of many men behind the razor wire.  Christmas is a season of giving and this year we were able to give to those who may not have had a Christmas.  Every year we go to Luther Luckett and go from dorm to dorm singing Christmas Carols then come back to the chapel for a Christmas concert, hot chocolate and cookies, and fellowship with the inmates. The prison band, Broken Chains, and Kim Lutes-Brown sang along with Phillip Sharpe and his pastor Randall.  They gave a Southern Gospel kind of theme to the festive atmosphere.  The men enjoyed their snacks and sang along with the band. They look forward to this every year as I do also.  To see them having fun and enjoying themselves is a blessing to me.  For me, giving is receiving. 

At Roederer Correctional Complex we went from dorm to dorm giving each man a pair of socks and a cookie.  Not much you say?  Well, if you could have seen some of their faces and a few wet eyes, including mine, you wouldn't think so. This is what it's all about - sharing the love of Jesus.

 My favorite one though was Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex.  The other two prisons knew we were coming.  At EKCC it was our normal 2nd Sunday of the month service.  The other volunteers could not go.  Usually if at least two of us cannot go we cancel the service.  I knew what we had planned and I didn’t want to let the guys down so I went by myself, a little hesitant, but God was with me, Amen.  I had an uneasy feeling.   Just as I was opening in prayer an altercation broke out between two inmates.  Like I said God was with us.  What God has set in motion man cannot stop, Amen.  We went ahead with praise and worship. Wayne and I sang, “Mary did you know?”  Then came the surprise.   The chaplain wheeled in the cart with hot chocolate and cookies.  While they came up to receive their treats, I read the Christmas story.  The chapel was filled with the glory of God.  They were not expecting the little celebration we had for them.  Needless to say, there was great joy in the room that night.  I give God the glory for allowing me to share His love and blessings with these guys.  You should have seen the smiles all around.  The men really enjoyed themselves as did I.  Thank You Jesus!         

-----Terry Carroll, Volunteer