"Touching Hearts and Changing Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, our thoughts turn to love and what love means.  I think about my children,  I love them all the same, but each one of them means something different to me.  Even if they disappoint me, that love I have for them never ends.  As much as I love each one, that love cannot compare to the love our God has for His children, for you and for me.
If we had to choose one of our children, we couldn't.  How much more did God show His love for us when He let His son Jesus take our place!
We have heard the story about the mom whose wayward son was out in the world living a life filled with alcohol and drugs.  When asked how her son was, her answer was always, "He is a mighty man of God."  She saw beyond today and saw what he was going to be tomorrow. Finally one day there came a knock at the door, and when she answered, there stood her son who said, "Mom I'm home.  I have accepted Jesus into my heart."
Doesn't that give us hope that our prayers also are going to be answered?  Let me encourage you today to hold on to the promises of God and that one day you will answer a knock at your door and when you open it there will stand that son or daughter you have been praying for saying, "I'm home Mom, I have accepted Jesus into my heart."
God bless you,